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The Book

The book covers the investments which include the stocks, treasury securities and bonds, mutual funds and exchange traded funds. The highlights of the material covered in the book are:

1. Stressing the need to start saving and investing in IRAs and 401 (Ks) etc.
2. Concept of a public company and its stock and the stock market.
3. Quantitative measures of stock evaluation and their application in the analysis of stocks, supported by real examples.
4. The concept of technical analysis and its use in conjunction with the fundamental analysis.
5. Fixed income instruments such as the treasury securities, municipal and corporate bonds and their selection.
6. Types of mutual funds and the role of Morningstar ratings in the selection of mutual funds.
7. Exchange traded funds and how they differ from mutual funds.
8. Asset allocation, diversification and rebalancing of the portfolio.
9. Model portfolios for different stages of life.
10. Development of an investment portfolio based on the financial health, needs, earnings power and risk tolerance.
11. Economic and tax considerations in investing.
12. Discussion of the market volatility and crash with reference to investing.